first impressions

i have always messed up first impressions. i try to be sophisticated Daniel, or serious Daniel. but that’s not who i am at all.

I’m this quirky kid who loves to make people laugh and just put a big ol’smile n your face.

but i feel like that isn’t enough so i try to be different.

but for as long as I’ve known you  i never said anything not a hi or a bye.

then i spend two of probably the hours i every spent with a new person because i was me not anyone else.

now all this is running through my mind.

your everything smart, cool, so pretty, and not afraid to throw in a fuck every now and then.

now I’m faced with summer the fact i wont see you because I’m me and your you.

have you seen “she is out of my league”

that is how i feel you just popped into my life.

they say you only meet a thousand to ten thousand people, well I’m so happy that i met you

If you got enemies good, that means you stood up for something
A song from eminem

Last night was pretty good Duke lost Jersey shore is over Then the new season of the hard times rj berger